The purpose of this website is to provide revision notes for students preparing for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program in Geography. It is a collection of lecture notes and resources from several years of teaching geography at the IB Diploma level.

I would like to express my most profound appreciation to the authors of the textbooks and online sources I consulted, some of which may not have been duly referenced for compelling reasons. As you navigate the pages, it is my hope that you would acquire the requisite knowledge and skills for passing the final examination. Comments, contributions or suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Enoch Yambilla

Outline of IB Geography syllabus:

Paper one: Geographic themes—seven options
Two options are studied at SL, and three at HL (Weighting: HL/SL-35%)

Paper two: Geographic perspective – global change (Weighting: HL-25%; SL-40%)

Paper three: Geographic perspectives—global interactions HL core extension (Weighting-20%)

Internal assessment (Weighting: HL- 20%; SL-25%)


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You are given seven options from which you will choose one option (May 2021 only) and three options for HL students from 2022 onwards. SL students will choose two option. Visit the syllabus guide for details


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