Geographic Perspectives

The core theme provides an overview of the geographic foundation for the key global issues of our time. The purpose is to provide a broad factual and conceptual introduction to the geography of population dynamics, climate change and resource consumption issues.

The content is underpinned by the four key concepts of the course: places, power, processes and possibilities. Each unit examines issues at different scales from local to global, as well as the interaction between different places.

Attention is given to the positive aspects of change (not only the negative ones), to the need to accept responsibility for seeking solutions to the demographic, economic and environmental issues—and, where appropriate, to the management strategies adopted to meet the challenges. It is not intended for the units to be taught sequentially. The approach to teaching is not prescribed, and the content can be taught with flexibility according to the interests of the learners.


  1. Population distribution—changing population
  2. Global climate—vulnerability and resilience
  3. Global resource consumption and security